In the Community

Transurban is committed to our customers, our community and to providing dependable travel on the Express Lanes. As a company, we strive to be good neighbors and integrated community partners in the Northern Virginia region.

Transurban Volunteer Day

Each year, Transurban hosts a Volunteer Day, during which employees volunteer at a local non-profit organization. Volunteer Day is about demonstrating Transurban’s core values – integrity, collaboration, accountability, ingenuity and respect – by working together to make a difference. It’s a great opportunity for employees to take part in a day of volunteering in giving back to our local community.


Employee Volunteering Program

To take Transurban’s commitment to the community beyond its business operations, Transurban encourages all permanent employees to participate in our Employee Volunteering Program. The Employee Volunteering Program is designed to support employees with one day of paid volunteer leave per year to help make a difference in the community.


Express Lanes Community Grant Programs

The Express Lanes Community Grant Program supports organizations that sustain, enhance or protect the local environment and communities surrounding the Express Lanes corridor. Each quarter, Transurban awards grants to local organizations, such as schools, communities and environmental organizations.